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houston-college-shootingThere has been a shooting at Lone Star College in Houston, TX. Check out the updates on this tragic event. 

When will these shootings at schools end? It has been confirmed that on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, a shooting took place at Lone Star College in Houston, TX. So far, sources say that three people have been wounded. It has not yet been confirmed if the people wounded were students or teachers but sources did mention they were students. The shooting at the Houston community college happened around noon Tuesday.

Here are some more updates on this terrible college shooting in Houston

More Details on the Houston Shooting 

Sources say that there were two gunman involved in the Houston college shooting and that they are in custody. It seems the reason for the open firing was because of a dispute between two people. Sources also note one of the people wounded was one of the gunman. A fourth person who was on the scene suffered a heart attack. 

It has been updated that the shooting took place outside. The conditions of these people have not yet been addressed. So far, there have been no fatal injuries reported at the Houston shooting. The school went on lock down as students fled to safety. Students talked to officials saying they heard around 6 gunshots fired while in class. 

Stay tuned for more information on the Houston college shooting as well as television news conferences from officials in Houston. We can only hope and pray that nobody else is seriously hurt.

Photo Credit: Fox Houston 

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