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штори в дитячу
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Let’s be real for a minute! When it comes to treats, humans and pets are not so different. We may laugh at how excited our pets get when they hear a treat bag open, but have you ever seen how alive an office full of people gets when a fresh box of donuts arrives in the break room?

There isn’t any shame in treating yourself now and then, but wouldn’t it be a dream if our favorite goodies were actually good for us?

Unfortunately, scientists and chefs have yet to team up to make celery taste like a decadent cupcake. They have made cotton candy flavored grapes, which we think is a step in the right direction. Fortunately, our pets are much luckier than we are.

While we’re busy debating whether or not to invest a large portion of our daily calories in a little bag of cookies (or maybe a whole box), our pets get to have the best of both worlds.  has created treats that are full of high‐quality proteins, have no artificial ingredients or colors and after watching our pets devour them, we guess they taste pretty good too.

So it's not so much about just finding a treat that is healthy for our pets but finding treats that will bring them running and awaken the natural characters we know and love.

Have you ever watched a pet literally awaken out of a dead sleep at the sound of the treat cabinet door being opened? Or watched as a four-legged companion jump eye-level at the sound of the treat bag crinkling? It's similar to how a dinner of spicy paella can bring out our inner salsa dancer, or a protein-packed breakfast can make us feel like gold medalists at the gym. The foods we choose for our pets can allow different parts of their unique personalities to shine through too.  

Don't you feel more like yourself when you have fresh breath? The same can be said for our furry friends. Pay attention the next time you toss your pup a breath freshening treat. Odds are you'll see an even bigger (and healthier) puppy smile than normal when at your local dog park. Try not to be too jealous, but  are tasty spearmint and parsley flavored snacks that freshen even the harshest doggie breath, help reduce tarter and support overall healthy teeth and gums. The same can't be said for the human version of popping sweet, sugary peppermint candies. 

Cats certainly don't seem to have any problems indulging in their own needs. So when you get the feeling your pet wants a treat, but you want to make sure they don't overindulge, grab . These one-calorie meaty chicken morsels seem to be tastier than the human version of one-calorie options.  As we know, few things keep us from being ourselves like being denied a fun treat. The same is true for our pets.  

Nothing is worse than watching a usually frisky pet not be frisky. When chowing down on  , your dog basically gets to enjoy the flavor of a fall feast, all while getting nutrients that will help support healthy hips and joints. Now for us, when we go at a fall treat like sweet potatoes it means switching into sweatpants, not waiting at the door to go outside and play in the leaves. 

This dog really loves being a chicken - like, really loves it. We're sure this pup would be just as excited to enjoy 5 calorie treats like ! This is a win-win treat for dogs and owners as it is a perfect way to motivate your dogs while you help them stay balanced and trim!  That is a good thing, because human or pet, few things put a damper on our fun like not getting to eat what we want. 

Clearly our pets have their snacking game down much better than we do. While we're guilty of occasionally grabbing a snack that's a little too sweet, savory or high in calories, and letting our inner couch potatoes shine through, our pet's snacking habits let them show off their best side. Their snacks leave them happy and full of energy since they're so healthy that they can eat them even on non-cheat days! So please human food scientists, can you invent a one-calorie donut that gives us good breath and helps our joints? Maybe then, the happy, excited, ready for anything sides of our personality can be awakened just as much as our pets. 


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