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If the words boring, conservative, stuffy and frumpy all come to mind when you think of the suits hanging in your closet, you’re not alone. When I started out my career as a public accountant over 20 years ago, a woman was not only required to wear a suit, but there was a very strict dress code. We were not allowed to wear pants, our skirts had to fall below the knee, we were required to wear a buttoned collared shirt and our jackets had to be worn at all times in and out of the office. Yikes! It is no wonder that suits have gotten such a bad rap.

But despite my early experiences, I love suits. So much so that I left my career as an accountant and started designing and tailoring them. In my experience, when a woman has the right suit, she transforms into a glowing, confident goddess.

But alas, not everyone can afford a custom-fitted suit. So I thought I would share with you five great ways to transform your stuffy and frumpy suits into goddess material.


Shoes can add some jazz


Trading your classic black pump in for a pair with some color or a unique design is a great way to turn some heads. Think about how stunning a pair of candy apple red pumps would look with your basic black suit. Another showstopper is finding a unique design; a sling back pump with a bow is a lovely way to add a feminine touch. Who’s frumpy now?


Ditch the starchy shirt

How-To-Personalize-A-Frumpy-Suit-ButtonupYuck! Nothing says stodgy more than a woman in a suit with a white masculine button-up shirt. A silk charmeuse blouse with a little drape in the front or a lovely ruffled collar and cuffs will add a soft touch. Adding a blouse with some color or a floral pattern will offset even the simplest of suit designs. Stodgy? Not you!




Replace the buttons


Nothing is WORSE on a suit than those plain black plastic buttons! By adding a textured or patterned gold or silver button you will literally transform your suit into a new piece. Ahh, Coco Channel would be proud. (If you lack the skills to sew on buttons, you can view my video at (insert video link here) on how to become a button sewing expert.)

Coordinate your jewelry


With all of the jewelry designers that have sprung up over the past five years, there have never been more options. I suggest finding a nice necklace and matching earrings to emphasize your lovely feminine neckline. A few unique pieces to pair with your suit will definitely turn some heads.


Add a silk scarf


I LOVE scarves! Through both color and design, a great scarf can transform even the plainest of the plain outfits and just scream "I AM A WOMAN!" Yes! There are a thousand ways to tie, twist and wear them. So have some fun.



Just a few simple changes can transform an otherwise frumpy looking suit into a fashionable and feminine outfit. So GO FORTH and transform into the fashion goddess you know you are. 

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