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When it's family movie night, what better way to make it fun than to create an exciting ambiance for the whole family? Ditch the same old popcorn routine for these fun family movie night ideas.

Set Up the Family Room Like a Movie Theater

Why go to the movies when you can bring the theater home? You can rearrange couches and chairs in your family room, have the kids create movie posters to put up on the walls and set up a table with classic theater treats. It’s a simple way to create front row entertainment right in your house.

Create Themed Snacks and Desserts

Popcorn and chocolate bars are tasty, but why not have some fun with your movie night by creating some themed snacks and desserts? Using sprinkles, food coloring or even edible toppings, you’ll have a unique and tasty spread the whole family can enjoy.

Dress Up Like Movie Characters

This one is simple. Tell the kids what movie you’re watching and have them go through their closets to find an outfit that resembles characters in the movie.

A fun new movie that will be great for your kids to dress up for is Monster High’s Haunted. The movie is an all-new Monster High adventure with an entirely new ghost school and characters! Kids can reuse spooky outfits from Halloween or pick a new character from Haunted to dress like.

Make family movie night a memorable experience with these fun and simple ideas!

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