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iStock 645817852 CroppedSpring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to update your beauty routine. While many of us switch up our skincare routines and make-up for the warmer months, it’s just as important to tailor your hair care for the season ahead. Just  like your wardrobe, update your hair for spring with these tips.

Get A Trim
Harsh winter temperatures can take their toll on your strands. A trim is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to give your hair an overhaul. If you’re growing your hair, a short trim is enough to banish split-ends, which can make hair look dull and in bad condition.

Switch Your Shampoo
Sure, rich and moisturizing conditioners and shampoos are great for hydrating hair during the winter, but they can be a little heavy during the spring and summer months. The combination of hydrating products and humid air can be a recipe for a frizz. If your strands aren't on the super-dry side, switch to a shampoo formulated for normal hair types as a lighter way to cleanse your hair.

Invest In An Anti-Humidity Spray
Frizzy strands caused by humid air conditions are one of spring’s biggest beauty problems. Get prepared and invest in an anti-humidity hair spray. Spritz into the roots of clean hair to keep pesky static at bay.

Lighten Up
There’s no better time to go a shade lighter than the springtime. For a low maintenance and natural-looking way to do so, ask your stylist for balayage highlights. The technique involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair. The results give a natural sun-kissed finish without a dramatic contrast with your natural color. Because there are no obvious highlights at the roots, upkeep is minimal.

Use Products Containing SPF
Protect your color from fading in the sunshine by choosing hair mists and shampoos containing SPF. These products protect against color breakdown as well as protecting the skin on the scalp from sunburn.

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