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The world’s latest trend of indoor greenery doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The combination of color, nature and detoxifying properties that plants can bring to your home is something that everyone seems to be embracing and personalizing in their homes.

To take your greenery a step further, get creative with how you display your plants. Check out the alternatives to the terra-cotta pot below. (Gardening Tip: before choosing from one of the unique displays below, look into the type of drainage and environment that your plants need in order to choose the best display.)



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To brighten up your kitchen and add an elegant flare, put a succulent in a teacup. Teacups don’t take up a ton of space and you can stay within your budget by getting a colorful variety at a thrift store.



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We all have some random baskets lying around, so why not give them a new use? Line the basket with a material that can hold soil and add a colorful plant to cheer up your space.

Glass Bowls and Vases


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Glass bowls and vases are traditionally for flower arrangements in water. But adding soil and small stones can make flowers give any space an earthy vibe.

Egg Cartons


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Make sure to save your egg cartons! Egg cartons are great for seeds. Just place a little soil in each holder and make sure to place by a window so the seeds get enough sun, and you will see your plants sprout sooner than you think!



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This may sound strange but shoes can make a really cute flower pot! Take a pair of old rain boots and poke holes in the bottom for drainage. Then, add your favorite flowers! This is a super easy way to add color to a front porch or backyard.

As long as you know the type of environment that your plant needs to thrive, you will find so many ways to display it!

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