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Jimmy Kimmel returned to his talk show after welcoming daughter Jane.

11 days since welcoming daughter Jane with wife Molly McNearney, Jimmy Kimmel has returned to his L.A. stage for Jimmy Kimmel Live! It’s his first show since becoming a dad for the third time. Along with the handful of jokes brought to Monday’s show, Kimmel also showed some pictures of his new baby girl and wow is she cute!

Audience members were ecstatic to have the funnyman back hosting the night show. Kimmel seemed glowing as he introduced the show by talking about his "vacation."

"We’ve been off work for the last two weeks. We’ve actually been on vacation. I got a lot done. I painted a mirror in my house. I grew this beard. Oh, and I had a baby also. My wife and I made a baby. You know how we did it?" Kimmel asked the audience. "We made it out of sex."

The jokester, 46, elaborated on the big day and shared some pictures with his fans.

"My wife is doing fine. I’m fine, too. I was so brave. I cried a little but I didn’t scream. You guys would’ve been very proud of me." He went on, "We had a little girl. We named her after my grandmother – her name is Grandma Kimmel. No, we named her Jane."

As Kimmel’s audience roared with laughter, pictures appeared of the infant "freshly out of the womb."

"Do you know they come out wearing clown makeup? It’s the weirdest thing," he teased. "She went a bit heavy on the foundation."

As fans ooh-ed and aah-ed at the pictures, Kimmel chimed in on the second picture, "She's drunk as a skunk right there."

The jokes didn’t stop which made little Jane’s photo debut only more adorable. The third photo appeared which featured the new dad holding his daughter. "You can see, her head’s the size of a plum. She weighed 6 lbs., 1 ounce, 20 inches long," he joked. "Just above the legal limit."

Baby Jane was born on July 10 and before Kimmel went on with the show, he made a point to thank his loyal fans for the "nice words" and "well wishes."

And one last thing, Kimmel let his fans in on one more crack of a joke.

"Rest assured we’re gonna do everything in our power to make this the best baby since a cute little guy called Jesus."

Jane joins big sibs Katie, 22, and Kevin, 20 from Kimmel’s previous marriage.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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