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Deluxe Corp., a financial services company, is celebrating its 100th year of business with a year-long project called the . The campaign, which includes documentaries and photo slideshows, aims to draw attention to the importance of small businesses, which make up a large part of Deluxe’s clientele.

Amanda Brinkman, Deluxe’s chief brand and communications officer, says the project wants to “Create a movement around getting people to support small businesses.”

Small businesses employ approximately half of the American workforce. Brinkman says they are an integral part of our communities and Small Business Revolution works to remind us of that.

A large part of Deluxe’s business is helping small business owners with marketing solutions to help grow their companies.

“We really focus on small businesses,’” Brinkman says. Instead of spending their 100th year focusing only on the company’s own accomplishments, Deluxe came up with this campaign. “We felt like a great way to celebrate the centennial was to shine the spotlight on the businesses that we love working with everyday,” she says.

Anyone can help spread the word about the movement, by going to their and clicking on the “Get Involved” tab. You can share your favorite small businesses stories via social media and follow along with the movement by joining their mailing list. In the coming weeks, you will also be able to nominate your favorite small business for a $25,000 award.

“At the end of the day, again, it’s about this movement,” Brinkman says. Deluxe wants to make sure people are aware that there are small businesses all around us and by supporting them, you are supporting your neighbor.

Another goal is to draw attention to some of the great work being done in our communities. The project so far has told the stories of a diverse array of businesses, from Spirit Reins, which uses equine therapy to help kids with brain trauma, to Beast Food Truck, whose owner brings a passion for paleo food to the masses. “It’s important for us to recognize the customers we serve,” Brinkman says.

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