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It never fails.  The first day of school your kid comes home from school and he has lost his back pack.  He tells you that they all looked the same on the floor of the gymnasium and he couldn't find his.  You know it happens.  ALL the time.  And just who can afford to keep buying things over and over and over again as the school year progresses?  Not me. 

So what do you do?  Well, you can do like my Mom used to do.  My Mom labeled everything.  I mean everything.  My lunchbox, my ruler, my jacket, my scissors!  You can believe nobody forgot my name for the rest of grade school!


Labels for school supplies are not that hard to make or buy.  They can be as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be.  But they will save you money in the long run.  Now, I am all in favor of labeling the essentials.  My Mom used to label every single thing I brought to school, wore to school or even thought about bringing to school.  Yep, I was the label girl and I caught heck for it, so I am advising you to be practical about what you label and consider the age of the child who you are labeling for.  Be mindful of the teasing they might take as they get older.  Personalizing school supplies is a great idea, but I put my foot down Mom, come on now!

Age specific labeling:

  • I would recommend you label just about anything for preschool or nursery care.  There are dish washer proof labels that you can use for things such as sippy cups, bottles and other washable items.
  • Because you leave extra clothes at school for accidents, label them all inside the collar or waistband.
  • Moving up to grade school you will want to personalize school supplies as well.
  • Middle school will include labelling the big items that you really don't want to lose and high school might include sporting equipment and computer gear.
  • Ask your high school aged child for his or her thoughts on what labels for school supplies they might want or tolerate.

So what can you use to label?

  • There are so many different ways that you can label.
  • You can sew the name inside clothing that you want to label.
  • You can also sew it inside back packs and other cloth items but for the most part there are simpler ways to label.
  • There is the good old faithful label maker.

So pick your favorite labeling method and go to town marking all those important things.

For the very serious and if you have more than one child the Label Maker is an amazing solution.  I am a crazy person with a label maker.  I make dozens of labels for all types of things and labels for school supplies.  Heck, I made labels for my own college things when I went to night school.

  • But I digress.  If you are looking for a cheap way to label your school things you can always turn to masking tape.
  • The downfall for this is that it tends to roll up and fall off but it is good for some things such as notebooks and school books.
  • You can also use the same return address labels that you use for your mail. They actually look pretty good on many items.
  • If you want labels that look a bit better you can get metal tags for things such as back packs and jacket zippers.
  • You can also use magic marker to put names inside of different items.
  • There are also companies that sell some very cute stickers that can have anything on them such as animals, flowers, cartoon characters and anything else you can think of.
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