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Normally I don’t wear too much makeup, just some tinted moisturizer, concealer, and mascara. I like wearing makeup and putting it on, but I am not very good at it so I avoid getting too snazzy.

Unlike me, Charlotte Tilbury knows makeup. Her makeup brand is constantly growing and being praised by celebrities. So when I heard she was having an event at the nearby Nordstrom, I had to check it out.


I mentioned how I don’t get to snazzy with my makeup, but when one of Tilbury’s makeup artists took me under her glamorous wing, I became the definition of snazzy.

She decided to do some magic on my eyes. If eyes are the key to the soul, then my soul was smoky and purple that day.

The makeup artist first took a glittery, purple eye shadow stick to my eyeballs. Let me tell you one thing: you can do a lot with just one little makeup crayon. She did darker shading on the outer corners of my eye, and went lighter towards the middle of the lids. I said to myself “I look pretty good, that should be enough,” and then I gave the camera a little wink (see below).


To my surprise, the makeup artist kept on adding makeup. She then applied some black eyeliner to my upper and lower lids. It looked good. The “I’m gonna go hit up the club in my new leather dress” type of good. I was morphing into a diva at a rapid, uncontrollable pace.


 The makeup artist then shared some of her knowledge with me as she applied the liner. Because the liner was waterproof, she explained to me that it had to be applied quickly because of how rapidly it dried. So, if you are using waterproof makeup, work quickly!

Finally, the artist finished off my look with a billion swipes of mascara. I already had some on, but the mascara that she used looked like it added on about 4,000 new lashes. It  felt that way as well.

I took a selfie, of course,  to see the finished product, and I looked like an entirely different person! She used the eyeliner to make my eyes have a more upward angle. (At this point I was in full blown diva mode.)


I rocked my smoky look while getting the oil changed in my car and babysitting an infant. I think the baby and the mechanic both liked my look. Just kidding, they were super confused.

Alas, I had to remove my new face so that I could sleep. This was not an easy task, but it was necessary.

Cotton balls and an oil-based makeup remover were my best friends during this process because I needed to tackle waterproof makeup, which is pretty much cement.

After about nine hours ( in reality it was ten minutes) and six cotton balls later, I was makeup-free. I couldn’t see out of my oil-covered eyeballs but I was happy.

So, after such an adventure, would I do it again? Absolutely. It was fun to wear that makeup for a day, so I encourage you all to step outside of your box and go get $100 worth of makeup slathered on your face. 

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