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We're always seeking ways to look more beautiful - as well as amazing recipes and delicious foods. So naturally we're thrilled that , one of our favorite multi-talented influencers in our network - she's an author, chef, nutrition expert, and restauranteur - shared her story along with her best tips for eating well and looking amazing. And don't we all want to shine from the inside out? 

Born in London and now living in southern California, Caroline got started in the restaurant business at a young age - she first trained as a chef when she was fifteen years old, and knew early on that food was her path in life. In fact, she used to watch cooking shows when she was young and learned to make the most of the resources that her family had. Master Chef was one of her favorites; she's also a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain (who isn't) and Jamie Oliver. In fact, she even got to work with Jamie when she was a contestant on the reality show Chef Race

Caroline at Cochon555-37168For the unfamiliar, Chef Race was a 2012 show that pitted American and British chefs against each other to cook across America without any money, accommodation, or anything but their skills and their wits! 

Some of her favorite experiences on the show included spicy jalepeño margaritas in Santa Fe, casual pints and pub grub at the Pint in Chicago, and cooking pizza on the beach in a rave in California. "That's what made me fall in love with America!" she says. 

Although when it comes the meal of her dreams, her heart might belong to Japan. "My ideal meal would be sushi in Japan. I'm a really big fan of seafood in general, and all the time and effort the Japanese put into the presentation is amazing." And Caroline would definitely know - she's tasted and cooked all kinds of amazing seafood on her Tastemade show with Bonefish grill, including catching fresh lobsters and scallops, and eating them right at the source (did you know that scallops are fabulous raw?).  

But we can't live on over-the-top dining experiences alone! One of Caroline's favorite things to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner includes pretty much anything avocado. "I've become a big fan of avocados since moving to California - I love the taste, and all those healthy oils are fabulous for your hair and skin. Plus it makes a fabulous meal anytime of day or night!". If you pick up her book (and you definitely should), you'll discover a lot of delicious ways to prepare avocado.  

You'll also discover some healthy recipes that are perfect for special occasions, including a chimichurri steak that is loaded with different tangy herbs and spices - "you could do a filet steak for date night or a big piece of brisket for a family meal".   

Like the team at Women's Forum, Caroline gives a lot of credit to the inspiring women in her life. She dedicated Beauty Foods to her mother, who was a salon owner and beautician, and was her inspiration on the path to combining beauty and cuisine. She also draws a ton of inspiration from fellow British author J.K. Rowling, who was a determined, passionate single mom who had the dedication to get her work done - and she didn't pretend everything was perfect, but rather she got things done and achieved so much in the face of adversity! 

We can't wait to see what Caroline does next. 


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