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mental-illness-awareness-week-headerThere is always time to find help and educate yourself about mental illnesses.

This year mental health advocates from all over the U.S. will be organizing events, public forums, and looking to provide educational information to communities about Mental Illness Awareness Week during October 6-12. It is important that awareness is heightened in communities so that if you or someone you know is going through a mental illness alone, it becomes clear that help and comfort is always available.

During this week of awareness, there is also the National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding on October 8, and National Depression Screening Day on October 10. Mental health conditions, no matter what the severity may be, are not rare. Almost 60 million Americans have to handle and cope with some kind of mental illness every year. This number is huge when we consider that this means it affects 1 in 4 adults and even 1 in 10 children.

-mental-illness-awareness-2NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) takes these statistics and works with great effort to make sure that these 60 million people have access to services, treatments, research, and support. By raising awareness, people who struggle with these conditions can find hope by interacting with an understanding community, and even seek comfort by family and friends who take on the opportunity to educate themselves a little more about these illnesses.

NAMI has a few suggestions on how you can be a part of this ever-growing and informative campaign.

How to Get Involved With Mental Illness Awareness Week

  • Register at NAMI.org to receive news and updates about the organization and movement. You can also be active in discussion groups to share your experiences with mental illnesses.
  • Donate in a variety of ways through NAMI to reach out to the 1 in 4 Americans that are struggling this year.
  • Volunteer through NAMI’s national office, state organizations, and even local community events that are going on in your area to raise awareness.
  • Walk with 85 communities across the nation to raise money for research and awareness to help make sure that the free and helpful programs and services provided by NAMI can keep helping people in need.
  • Contact your local and national representatives to make your community just as educated and involved as so many others are doing every day. Raising awareness is as easy as picking up the phone and being a voice in your own community.

If you or a loved one suffers from a mental illness condition, the NAMI Information Hotline at 1 (800) 950-NAMI or by email to find support in your community, or to just have a safe conversation.


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