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Modern parenting can be daunting. Gone are the days when simply having a car seat for your baby or toddler was considered going above and beyond in caring for your little ones' safety. Well, we have some good news for parents who might need a little help on that front. These five new car gadgets and features promise to shoulder some of the work in keeping your kids safe on the road! 

Automatic Seat Belt

Most new cars come with this feature nowadays, which allows parents to securely lock in their kids' car seats. When buying a new car, bring your child seat with you so you can test out the feature and make sure the fit is good. 

More Baby Seats In Back

The Chevy Equinox stands out as one family-friendly car that can comfortably fit three baby seats in the back. If you have a larger family, these kinds of features will make your life so much easier! 


LATCH Points

Many new cars and baby seats come with metal Latch points that you can attach. You'll be sure that your kid is securely attached to the car! 

Rear-facing Baby Seat Replaces Front Seat

Now, this feature might be more of a luxury item but it's definitely caught our interest! Volvo has created a new car that's entirely dedicated to making baby's life easier. The new model has taken out the front seat and replaced it with a baby seat that can be swiveled so that it's facing a parent or nanny sitting in the back. This is reportedly the safest car position for kids up to 4-years-old.


The 2016 XC90 “Excellence” edition also comes with heating cup holders for warming bottles of milk and storage for baby's every need under the seat. Now that's something every parent could get on board with!  

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