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Nail art is here to stay - and it's getting more over-the-top (or should we say over-the-tip) every season.

Once mostly the province of teenage girls, more complicated manicures have become downright mainstream and as common in the boardroom as they are in homeroom. However, the latest mani looks have gone from adding one little rhinestone or similar basic embellishments to full-on bejeweled looks, faux fur, and more. Read on for the most insane(ly wearable) nail trends to try right now...

Puffball Nails

libertine-1473878567These are exactly what you think they are - nails with fluffy, colorful faux fur glued to them. did it first at their S/S 2017 fashion show, but its an easy DIY job - just look in the craft aisle for colorful puffballs to glue to your nails - just be aware that this is a one-day or one-night only trend, since the puffballs are naturally going to get dirty or matted as you go about your business.

Dotted And Lined Nails

0dae6a456899da8c4c3d8a55108e4d89This is a relatively easy trend to pick up on - just add a single dot of one bright or bold color to your current manicure. The key is to look deliberate by selecting colors that match your ensemble for the day and evenly placing the dots or stripes across your digits.

Aquarium Nails

b082e79aa9e3d40c25f1f95a6baf1d14Perhaps the most complicated of the latest nail trends, these have nothing to do with water or sea creatures (thankfully). However, they do have a floaty, mermaid-esque quality to them that might appeal to your modern day Ariel. Comprised of a double-layered acrylic nail filled with baby oil and glitter, beads, and whatever else you may desire, these are perhaps the most glamorous - and fabulously insane - of the current nail trends.

Plaid Nails

477b72ffe743bca0aa346fe25642b361You can hand-paint or draw these graphic designs on your talons yourself, but there are also plenty of nail wraps that feature this classic fall and winter print as well. If you’re going the DIY route, however, we suggest using pre-cut tape and perhaps watching a basic tutorial on the art of plaid-ifying your nails. Look to your favorite flannel shirt or classic tartan colors for inspiration!

Tassel Nails

fyodor-golan-orly-spring-summer-2017-nail-trendsA tiny tassel - picture something that would also be appropriate for a pair of earrings - attached to the tip of your nails seems somewhat decadent and impractical. And it is, but it is also undeniably fun and eye-catching. Like the aforementioned puffball nails, however, this trend might be best left to the runways and editorial shoots.

Mixed Metals

18629edb4fed9385314830da89e8cadcBlending silver, gold, rose gold, and perhaps a bit of matte nude or black for contrast might be the hottest look for nails this fall and winter - and unlike the rest of these statement styles, it can be done in a relatively neutral way.

From aquarium nails to faux-fur trimmed finger tips, this might be the perfect time to go completely over the top with your nail art.  







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