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It looks like it is Amanda Knox's turn to sit in the spotlight of the newest fad in documentaries: rehashing already pretty "hashed" true crime stories. If you are looking for the revelations of miscarriages of justice like in Netflix's Making A Murderer or a big reveal á la HBO's Jinx, Netflix's Amanda Knox is not that kind of documentary. 

Knox published her own version of events in her memoir, , so how different could this story be? Thanks to directors Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst's steady hands, Amanda Knox offers a new point of view on a topic we would swear had nothing left to reveal.

Gone is the frenzy of the media circus the story became and in its place is a clean and sober account of what happened that November night in 2007 when Meredith Kercher died. The story is told by the same people we saw throughout the news coverage, but there is something different in the way that their exclusive interviews come together for McGinn and Blackhurst. 

Whether you followed the murder case like a newshound or barely took notice of the Italian soap opera that the Knox case became, the film offers an informative and compelling retelling of the story. Amanda Knox is less about exoneration or solving a crime than it is about holding a bright light on a tragic murder that became tabloid-theater played out on the international stage.  spoke with both directors about how they approached the project and what they were hoping to accomplish. 

You can watch Amanda Knox on  on September 30. 



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