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Calling all moms who wish they had more time to keep up with their fitness routine! It is possible to keep up with a good workout routine even with all your errands, pick-ups, drop-offs and job responsibilities! 

Whether you're on a conference call, grocery shopping or at football practice, we've got 9 tricks for squeezing in some exercise time throughout your busy day.

9 Ways to Squeeze in Simple Exercises Throughout Your Day

  1. Park far away! Whether from the grocery store or mall, skip the cart on the way out. Carrying your groceries to your far away parked car is some good exercise.
  2. Do some small workouts while at your desk at work. Do some simple leg lifts at your desk for 30 seconds or some easy ab exercises by sitting at the edge of your chair, leaning back and bringing your knees up.
  3. Utilize easy workout apps on your smartphone like the 7 Minute Workout. This app helps you squeeze in a few minutes of vigorous exercise and it’s free.
  4. Workout while you cook. Do some lunges or squats while you’re whipping up supper.
  5. If you have errands to run, ditch the car and walk (weather permitting). It may take you a little longer to run those errands but you’ll get them done and can check-off your daily exercise from the list. Plus, if there’s snow on the ground, sloshing through the snow can increase the intensity of your workout.
  6. Errands can be exercise too! Clean the house, shovel snow or rake leaves while wearing ankle weights or bracelets. This will enhance your daily housework chores and workout those muscles.
  7. Hang with your kids. Kids love to dance so turn on a song with a good beat and use the living room as your dance floor.
  8. Work those glutes anywhere. While at your kids football practice or dance practice, sit and squeeze your glutes while waiting.
  9. Walk and talk. If you have a conference call at home or at your private office, walk around as you take the call. 
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