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homework-organizaitonHave a Plan to Support Your Child's Homework Success

Still battling with your kids about not doing their homework? Homework is an inevitable part of a child's school life and manages to eat away into family and play time more and more these days. Kids need rest and relaxation as well as a little time to pursue other out of school activities. But helping your child manage their time wisely and to not procrastinate their homework is the key to enjoying that time off for other activities. 

Good parents are on the lookout for easy ways to get their kids to actually sit down and get their projects and worksheets done without fuss, tears or a screaming match. Teach your kids how organizing homework can be a good start to getting it out of the way and in turn, to better enjoy the care free moments after it's completed.


Organizing Homework to Optimize Study Time

Organizing homework is as simple as having a workable homework schedule. The earlier a schedule of this sort is implemented into a child's life the better.  Start by designating a quiet homework zone that's appropriate for the task of doing homework without interuption by televisions or other electronic distractions.  An area that is away from busy conversations or other noise is best. Your child's bedroom may be perfect, although some children prefer to do their homework in the lounge room with the family around. If that's the case then the time frame that is set aside for doing homework has to be respected and honored.  The great thing about making the time a family present time is that parents can also keep an eye on any progress that's being made, or alternatively, any sluffing off that might be happening.

School Supplies For Student Success

A good idea is to create a filing system for homework so that you don't end up picking up sheets of paper stashed all over the house.  This also helps eliminate any potential dramas of the "I can't find my homework" or "The dog ate it" variety.  Printable homework charts may be just the answer that you are looking for.  This great tool allows for some structure in your child's homework routine which is one of the ways to winning.  Or didn't you realize the war on homework is rampant in many households across the nation!  Organizing homework is simple with these fantastic charts, although they can be a little tricky to work with at first.  Just spend some time tweaking them a little bit to make the system work better for your child's needs.

To effectively set it up, look at how many subjects or classes your child has and which daily assignments stay the same every day.  Also work out if there are any days that he/she never has any homework.  Armed with this information, it's time to print off some online homework charts to use. There are plenty to choose from, but look for ones that are easy and simple to follow and made specifically for your child's grade and age.

Fill in specific homework needs for the first few weeks and encourage your child to actively be responsible for doing homework without too much prodding. Chances are you will need to give a gentle reminder now and then.  Most likely a whole lot at the beginning!  But encourage the child to be the one to print information into the schedule and to check it off.  A few gold stars to mark exceptionally speedy or well done homework won't hurt a bit.

Implementing the system consistently is the key for parents since the printable homework chart becomes the "homework heavy" or "the enforcer".  This beats having to become a nagging mom or dad.   Your child may become frustrated, at first, which is perfectly normal, but with time and practice the system works like a charm.

Each day it's simply a matter of asking if the allocated homework has been completed or how much of it has been done.  Point out that school work is a priority.  Establish some rewards once or twice a week.  Surprises of a cookie baking if they finish by 5 pm or perhaps a Thursday matinee movie if the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday work is done on schedule.

Begin working with this system early in your child's school tenure allows the best chance of creating a pro-active attitude toward homework. Older children with poor homework patterns will need a little more time to adjust to the new routine of working with printable homework charts. In this case, do be patient but firm.

You can use a homework checklist or employ an online tutor program that claims to know what turns students off to study skills and therefore promises organized homework skills. But either way good study habits are about routine and persistence. Don't forget that having balance is also important with adequate time off of activities as well as special family time.  Use reward versus punishment for the best outcome.

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