• Personalize Your Kindergartener's Uniform

    Personalize Your Kindergartener's Uniform

    Have a child who is required to wear a uniform at school? Gone are the days of adorable layered outfits that may or may not be stained with food.

    Starting school can be intimidating for a child, and sporting a uniform can add more pressure. Ease your child, and yourself, over this new life event with fun activities that can personalize your child’s uniform!

  • Make Her Accessories

    Make Her Accessories

    Whether it’s a sparkly headband, ribbon necklaces or beaded bracelets, a handmade project will make your child feel unique and comforted on their first day.

    For girls, make a  made from wooden balls and twine that is painted in her favorite color. 

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  • Make Him Accessories

    Make Him Accessories

    When it comes to boys, a leather and twine bracelet looks cool and will last through countless recesses.

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  • Help Them Pick Their New Favorite Shoes

    Help Them Pick Their New Favorite Shoes

    The perk of uniforms is that you never have to worry about what to wear. However for a child, this may feel like a loss of personality. Give them some control into how they look with their shoes!

    After ensuring the pair is comfortable and durable, let your child choose a texture and color that will give them confidence. 

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  • Give Them A Signature Hairstyle

    Give Them A Signature Hairstyle

    Giving a signature haircut or style will help your child, and yourself, ease into the new morning routine. It takes away the morning stress of deciding on a style, and also let’s your child show some individuality.

    For girls, mix it up with colorful barrettes and pins. For boys, give them some fun spikes or side parts that mirror their favorite superheroes.

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  • Pick A Backpack That Fits Their Personality

    Pick A Backpack That Fits Their Personality

    Just like their uniform, your child's backpack is going to be with them throughout the school year. Let your child pick a book bag that they love.

    After you ensure it's comfortable and size appropriate, a child will have a great time picking out their number one school accessory. It will also help them visualize that act of going to school. 

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