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We’ve been cautioned about overheating our hair, but this new trend really takes the cake. Known as candle cutting, or velaterapia, this slowly growing Brazilian hair technique involves getting rid of split ends not with scissors, but with fire. Already popular for decades in South America, velaterapia involves running a candle flame along twisted strands of hair, which singes stray and split ends. Some say that this bizarre trend traces back to ancient civilizations, with Cleopatra using it to create her signature glossy hair.


You may have already seen this trend at work on fashion model Alessandra Ambrosio's Instagram. Shortly after the model uploaded the pic, the beauty world became as split as the pre-treatment ends of her hair. Dermatologists who specialize in hair care warn against this trend and suggest not canceling your haircut appointment just yet. "Even small trims, called dusting, every six to eight weeks can make hair grow longer, stay healthier and fuller,” Dr. Melissa Piliang from the Cleveland Clinic. “It’s a much better option than putting fire near your hair, which is flammable, and seems dangerous.”

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