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The Cloud. Most of us belong to this virtual information sharing space despite the fact that anything we put online isn't really private. Case in point: We all remember last year when Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were targeted by hackers and their personal nude photos -  that they'd deleted years before - were leaked online. 

Basically more and more of the internet is being taken up by robots attempting to steal your personal information - credit card numbers, debit card pins, and passwords. And if you're a celebrity? Juicy photos and information.

To put it in perspective, a recent study by Distil Networks suggests that as many as 60% of internet users are fake. 

Now, a good first line of defense is to delete all your passwords off your computer and stay off public WiFi connections. Or, even better, arm yourself with a that scouts out malicious adware or bugs. The BitDefender basically works by acting as a gatekeeper between your high-speed modem and wireless router. 

Many companies have a BitDefender BOX to keep security high, but now you can purchase one for your home to keep the bad bots out. Another plus? There's an iPhone app so you can monitor your smartphone. 

What are you doing to keep yourself safe online?

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