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It's not really a competition, but every parent wants to send their children off to school with the healthiest and most delicious lunch possible - and if his or her classmates are a little jealous, all the better! After all, having the lunch and snacks that everyone wants to trade for and talks about will make your kid the envy of the cafeteria, and make their school days just a little more fun.

#Lunchbox Show And Tell

We all remember those moments in school when we looked over at our friend's lunch with envy, or those days when we were surprised by unexpected treats our parents packed for us. But perhaps the best memories are the days when we looked forward to lunch all morning because we knew there was something extra delicious in our lunchbox.

You might remember all of that pretty clearly even though you're a parent yourself now - so why not give your own kids some of those same happy memories by making their everyday lunches just a little bit special.

How To Create #Lunchbox Envy

There's no secret or right answer when it comes to packing a lunch that will make your kids feel special, but you can start with focusing on their favorite foods. And that's possible even if you're limited to options that are relatively shelf-stable and will stay tasty when they're packed away all day. Plus, there are plenty of adorable solutions for packing like bento boxes, mini-coolers shaped like traditional lunch bags, and more. There are a lot of options beyond the brown bag nowadays!

And while a great lunch starts with a yummy main dish and a refreshing drink, the side dishes and desserts might be the true winner - and with Del Monte Fruit Cup snacks, a side dish and dessert might be one and the same! That's right, our sponsor's Fruit Cup snacks have the great taste and fun flavors that kids want, paired with the nutrition and real fruit juice that their parents want to see on their kid's daily menu.

Talk about #winning the #lunchbox.


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