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Save-Money-With-A-Beach-Cover-UpBecome a fashionista while saving money by using your beach cover-up during all four seasons.

While keeping our wardrobe up-to-date is important, spending a lot of money doing it is not. The question is, "how do we keep up with trends and not spend a ton of money doing it?"

Well, Andrea Metcalf joins style editor for the "TODAY" show and author Bobbie Thomas to learn how to be stylish and save money.

Bobbie Thomas is the author of "The Power of Style," which comes to stores April 23, 2013. It's her very first book and she is very passionate about it because it provides fashion tips she has collected over the years.

The book has a unique approach to fashion. Thomas believes the first step to a good wardrobe is looking at yourself in the mirror, naked. Style is very connected to body image and the best way to own your body and its shape is to be confident about what you look like.

Using a Cover-Up For Multiple Styles

For many women, the thought of wearing a bathing suit can give us anxiety. We often turn to cover-ups to hide the things about us we don't like. Have you ever thought about using that cover-up for other outfits?

Cover-ups often cost less than dresses because they're simple. But, you can easily put a slip under a cover-up and create an outfit. You can also put leggings or white jeans under a cover-up and create an awesome day-look or outfit for going out at night.

Cover-ups don't have to be for the beach. Save money by wearing them all year round. Ladies, looking fabulous doesn't have to be expensive! Don't forget to check out "The Power of Style" by Bobbie Thomas for all your up-to-date fashion tips.

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