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Gas prices can really take the fun out of a long road trip, but it's possible to creatively save money on gas while still creating good family memories. Here are a few money saving tips to try out during your next family vacation.

1. Rent a "Green" Car


Many of us don't even think to do this, but if we are driving a car that seems to leave the tank empty sooner than later, renting a fuel-efficient vehicle is a reasonable option. This allows you to keep from adding miles to your car or van and saves money on gas. A fuel-efficient rental vehicle will save you a significant amount of money when filling up. Of course, the fees associated with renting a car or van have to be factored in. Do the math. Check it out!

2. Vacation in a City or a Place with Nearby Attractions

There's nothing wrong with a good staycation. You'll save big on gas and travel times, while starting your vacay with full knowledge of how to have a good time in the city. Nearby cities are great for this. Research different options and give your family a new perspective on their home town!

3. Utilize Mobile Apps


There are countless great apps out there to help make your travel plans a little easier. "" is just one example of these helpful downloads that will give you the cheapest costs of gas along with the names and addresses of the gas stations within one mile of your location. "Gas Buddy" also covers Canada, and basically takes the mystery out of figuring out where to fill up. Other than "Gas Buddy," there are other applications you can use. Just pick the one that works best for you!

4. Choose the Best Route


Examine the mileage with different route options. If you have a GPS, that will give you several different routes to chose from. Select the route with the shortest distance. If you're traveling with you kids, you'll want to make sure you take the shortest route available. 

Just because gas prices have jumped back up doesn't mean the family vacation needs to be put on hold. All it takes is a little planning and some patience once you get in that car.

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