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If you love style and expressing yourself through your fashion sense, then the last thing you want is to be limited as to what you can wear. 

One of the things that we often don't talk about or realize that as we get older and have to adjust our wardrobes accordingly, this doesn't just include going up a size or switching to more comfortable shoes, or determining silhouettes and cuts that look better on our mature figures. 

What Getting Older Means For Your Personal Style

On the contrary, for some of us, adjusting our wardrobes for changes in our bodies means determining what works best and minimizes or hides the appearance of incontinence products.

After all, choosing different styles or colors of pants, sticking with colors and patterns that can hide the shape of the products themselves and/or potential leaks, and otherwise adjusting your look to suit your security and absorbency needs is tough even if you don't consider fashion a significant part of your self expression and who you are.

If you do, however, needing to work around necessities like Depend® undergarments can feel like a crushing challenge - but seriously, it doesn't have to be. It's all about the particular styles and types of products that work best for your body and needs.

See What's Available 

If you're unfamiliar with what's out there, you owe to yourself to check that particular aisle at the drugstore or spend a little time shopping online and ordering a few different options to figure out what works best with your look - not how you can adjust your look to work with the undergarments. For instance, Depend®Active Fit Silhouette are both virtually undetectable under clothing - just check out Depend's own and  wearing them as they dance, do yoga, work out, and otherwise live their very active lives.

Nothing Has To Dictate Your Fashion Choices

For some of us, clothes are driven by practicality and comfort and the "look" of the items doesn't really matter. And that's pretty noble, actually.

That said, this article isn't really meant for that crowd. When fashion is a main form of your creativity and self expression, removing that aspect and fun from your life is the last thing you want to do even when you have health issues that might get in the way - and now you really don't have to, thanks to Depend®

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Or Your Workout Choices

Activewear and workout gear might seem really difficult to wear if you have to work around wearing incontinence products. However, Depend has some solutions that are designed to let you work out in your favorite gear - with no worries about flexibility, comfort, or your undergarments showing. 

Of course, it's not just about looking great while you work out - it's feeling great as well, which starts with being confident in the fact that you can kick butt at the gym (or on the field, on the trail, on the golf course, or the venue and sport of your choice). Which means knowing that you can trust your undergarments not to let you down while you're working out!  

For Example...

Think wearing incontinence products is a fashion death sentence, or will make it difficult to work out as hard as you always did, or make it impossible to play your favorite sport? Think again. Perhaps some of the most difficult things to wear with these types of undergarments might be form fitting clothing and activewear, but Depend Fit-Flex are slim, absorbent, and move with your body.

Other styles are also slim and come in fashion colors to coordinate with whatever you're wearing, and they are essentially as invisible as nearly any other kind of panties or underwear that you can find. 

There's An Option That Works For You

In fact, this is where discovering what the Depend collection of products has to offer is particularly valuable if you consider yourself a fashionista or pride yourself on your distinctive personal style. Since they are fairly sleek, comfortable, and meant to work well underneath the clothes you already know and love. In fact, if you haven't checked out your options in the drugstore lately, you might be pleasantly surprised by the options available to you from Depend. 

These products don't just simply contain or absorb leaks - they set your sense of style free by allowing you to stick with the wardrobe you love and express the fashion sense that makes you, you! Learn more about how Depend can set your style free and get some free samples at . 

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