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  • Red Is The New Black

    It's time to root around in your wardrobe and dig out the red boots you haven't worn since the early 00’s and that little red dress that only ever comes out in Valentine's Day because red is back and it's back and bolder than ever. But you don't need to limit red to fancy occasions! Swap out your black leggings or gray sweatpants for something in bold red, like these Champion sweats from Nordstrom (). 

  • Connect The Dots

    Bored of summer stripes?   Well don’t worry because polka dots are in for autumn. Most of us have that polka dot blouse or skirt that we quickly throw on when we’re in a rush, and we will now confirm by doing this, you're perfectly on trend. But why not make it even easier with this dotty dress from Asos ()? 

  • Glitter And Sparkles

    In all honesty has glitter ever been out? Glitter and sparkles have been one of the main theme of summer festivals (and social media) this year with girls and guys covering their whole bodies in the stuff. Well it looks like this trend is going to be continuing its way into autumn too and we definitely are not complaining. Get heads turning by adding a pop of sparkle to your everyday look with something like these glittery black Toms (). 

  • Lust For Gold

    And i’m not just talking about jewelry. Gold isn't just for the red carpet and it doesn't have to cost you a king's ransom to be dripping in gold. It's to unleash your inner Cleopatra with something like this rose gold trench from Asos Curve (). 

  • Denim On Denim

    Denim On Denim

    If you've always been secretly a fan of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s double denim look circa 2001 then you're in luck. Button-downs, skirts, jackets, jeans.. there is no limit. Denim comes in all shapes and sizes and we’ll take them all. And in fact, overalls are back and they're all grown up - and we love it! Just check out these from Asos for $67.00

  • Get The Message

    It’s 2017 and as women we have a lot to say! And what better way to say it than through fashion? Whether you love pizza or want to support world peace,  slogan tees are the best way to let everyone know. We especially love this "I Am Woman" tee from ASOS Curve (). 

  • In The Trenches

    And last but not least is our favorite coat trend of the season. You’ll be battling the rain in style with the one and only trench coat. There are many different styles of trench coats to compliment different body shapes and outfits. One of our favorites is this surprisingly versatile winter white one from Asos Curve () - it's a great way to brighten up rainy fall days! 

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