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stress-kills-gps-for-the-soul-solution2Acknowledging that you're stressed can actually lower stress levels.

Stress on the body can come in a number of ways. It can be defined as anything that changes the homeostasis of the body. Typically, when we think of stress, we think about the negative effects. Study after study links stress with cardiovascular disease, cancers and other life-threatening conditions. Stress causes weight gain, can impair sleep and can also weaken your immune system. Stress can kill you! Combatting stress is key to living longer, happier and healthier.


Tips For Lowering Stress

There are many ways to lower stress. Awareness is one of them. Just realizing that you're under stress and changing your attitude on how to deal with it can have wonderful benefits. For years, research has shown us that we can measure the negative effects of stress on the body by a simple heart rate monitoring system. Keep in mind that it's not how fast or slow your heart beats, but the space between each contraction and relaxation of the heart that matters.

GPS For the Soul

Heartmath has been a leader in the health industry for years when it comes to understanding research about biofeedback and stress relationships in the body. They are the mastermind behind a new app recently released by Huffington Post's founder Arianna Huffington.  GPS for the Soul is a simple app solution to monitor and lower stress levels.  

Downloaded by more than 120,000 users, GPS for the Soul helps guide people to a more calming existence. The moment you feel that you're under stress or in a stressful situation, you can immediately check in with the app. If you're looking to see how stressed your daily activities are on the body, this simple application can help.  By simply measuring the heart rate beats and spaces in between, it can give you a "stress indication" to see how your body is handling the situation.  

More, it helps guide you to a calmer, healthier state. Lori Leibovich, the Executive Lifestyle Editor at Huffington Post, says the daily push notifications help users, as well as herself, set times to check in with their daily life and remind them to check their stress levels. Checking in to recognize your stress level has been proven to help lower the cortisol levels and heart rate in the body.

The GPS for the Soul app also has indiviual features to share your pictures, music or solutions for lowering your own personal stress. You can literally check in on other people's strategies too with "-like" sharing and social media features.

Certainly we can all use a little more "down time" or even "downward dog" in our lives. The GPS for the Soul app can help guide you to a lower-stressed life.  

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