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successful-multitasking-during-exercise-headerExercising + Creative Thinking = Multitasking Success

Rather than make you listen to my huffing and puffing my way through this blog post, I transcribed a recording of my blog post today! "Good morning, this is Elissa. I’m speaking to you from my elliptical machine in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s about 6:15am and now that the days are getting a little bit brighter in the morning, I’m looking out over a tree that doesn’t have leaves yet but is trying to..."

I thought we would talk this morning about successful multitasking. A lot of times when we say multitasking, all we really mean is we’re letting ourselves get distracted from the thing we’re supposed to be doing. In some cases, however, it is the combination of doing two things at once that actually makes both work better.

Since we’re on a campaign to get #33minutes of exercise every single day for 33 days (and maybe beyond!) I thought it would be a good idea to address the ways we can get our work done and our exercise in at the same time.

My new favorite time-saving combination is pairing exercise with creative thinking. I find recording myself talking through an article or client proposal I need to write helps me:

  • Get my creative juices flowing
  • Save time
  • Make editing much easier

My favorite app for voice recording is Dropvox. One easy button records my voice and automatically uploads the file to my Dropbox. Either myself or my assistant can easily transcribe and edit the content. Super easy and I love that “the cloud” takes care of everything!

While you get exercise, you can get your brain waves into an alpha state. Alpha state is when one is between being awake and asleep. In that alpha state, we’re more creative. Think of the times you’ve been relaxed and you come up with a good idea. People try to stay more in that alpha state by using meditation and taking naps. But exercise is just as good!

It’s very stimulating to move your body. It gives you new sights, sounds, and stimulations that are the raw materials for ideas. They’re the things that connect new concepts in your brain that maybe weren’t connected before. When we need to come up with something that is a creative message, you may be the kind of person who does their best thinking while writing. But you may be the kind of person who does their best thinking while talking. If that’s the case, recording your thoughts is a great solution!

Try it out and let me know how quickly your #33minutes fly by!

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