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10-tips-on-talking-about-family-historyLearn where you came from and let your children know too!

Learning about family history is essential if you plan to know anything about your past. By teaching children about family history, those lessons can be passed down for generations to come. It can also help you understand different cultures and generations with knowledge that can be applied to your own life.

Struggling to teach your children a few historical suggestions?

  1. Search through old scrapbooks so your children know who you're talking about. It always helps to put a face to a name.
  2. Download a printable family tree and fill it out with your children. Not only will this make things interactive, they will remember filling it out with you.
  3. Start with the basics. Don't go too far back into family history or the kids might not comprehend who you're talking about. Great grandparents are a good place to begin.
  4. Meet with older relatives and discuss your family history with them. The older they are, the more different the perspective.
  5. Consult an online database. This can help verify truths and add new pieces to the puzzle of your past.
  6. Search one story at a time. The results you find may be overwhelming, so stay focused by sifting through one story on your family history at a time.
  7. Find a family history society and connect with other genealogists. This can allow you to ask questions and get answers from professional historians. It can also be a great field trip for the kids!
  8. Make a traditional family meal and talk about the cultural origin of each ingredient.
  9. If you're serious about searching through family history, pick up some computer software that can simplify the task and narrow the results.
  10. Tell family stories of your past. The best way to pass down a history is through oral tradition.

Learn more about where you came from and bring the past back to life. This doesn't have to be done through boring computer programs or hours of research. Instead, speak with older relatives and tell stories with the ones you love. By providing your youngsters with a sense of history they can move towards the future confidently.

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