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Regardless of your personal political preferences or affiliation, there's no denying the fact that Michelle Obama has made a major impact as America's First Lady.

From the Let's Move and Let Girls Learn campaigns to Joining Forces with Jill Biden to her commitment to being positive, hopeful, and always taking the high road, we the people were lucky to have her as our First Lady for the past eight years. 

She Was Funny

Public appearances are part and parcel of life in the White House, of course, but Michelle brought a special flair and sense of humor to the role that we likely won't see again for quite a while. From her as First Lady on Jimmy Fallon to dancing on to doing , she did everything with utmost grace and humor. 

She Was A Wonderful Mother

Not just to her own daughters, but to America's daughters and sons as well - and really, to children around the world with her . When girls and young women are educated, we all win in the end! Moreover, her was inspiring to kids and their parents alike - because all Americans benefit when we get in better shape. 

She Had The Best Intentions

Let's face it - politics can be bitter and extremely divisive at the best of times, so Michelle's ability to stay calm and even serene in the public eye was pretty impressive. Even if you disagree with her ideologically, you have to admire her ability to with grace, tact, and humor - while keeping the people's best interests at heart and being an excellent role model for the next generation.

She Was Stylish

A minor detail, perhaps, but Michelle did do a great job of not only looking fabulous, but doing it in a way that was still somewhat accessible to the average American - we can't all afford Jason Wu or Versace, but we can certainly find some J.Crew or White House Black Market pieces at our local malls. And we can definitely borrow from her as well. 

She Brought Us Together

She wasn't only an amazing and supportive wife to Barack and a wonderful mother to Malia and Sasha, she was a political force in her own right, championing issues that affect all Americans. She managed to draw everyone in with her warmth, humor, and compassion during times when it was really necessary - and that ability to bring people together might be what we miss most of all. 

What more can we say but a sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Michelle! We can't wait to see what you do next. 


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