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In honor of the upcoming holiday, we've asked our contributors to share what makes them feel lucky. Contributor Kristen Wilk shares her version of #myluckycharms today...

I was a young and crazy just-turned 21-year-old, roaming the streets of New York City on the sunny Saturday afternoon of a fun little weekend getaway with the gals. Where to go? What to do? What to see? EVERYTHING was the only acceptable answer.

Arranging our weekend plans just right, we finished brunch and headed to Soho for some boutique browsing, market strolling and window shopping. The NYC native of our group suggested we check out a small pop-up jewelry market of up and coming jewelry artists, a gathering of unique items that happened only occasionally. Drawn to exclusivity just as much as the next twentysomething in New York, naturally, we had to go.

LIFE necklace CroppedLiving the (sometimes less than glamorous) college student life, I had no intention of making any purchases. But browsing and making small talk with some of the artists drew me to a necklace. It wasn’t flashy or gemstone-covered. You could have easily walked by it without noticing. The understated simplicity drew me in, but it was the tiny detail that slayed me. 

The necklace was one in a line of thin rose gold chain necklaces with single flat circle charms, less than a centimeter in diameter. What made these pieces unique was the engraving on each – a single word, meaningful to the wearer. Some read “LOVE,” “JOY,” and “BE MINE,” but I fell for the one that read “LIFE.”

Why? I have nothing against love or joy, of course, but LIFE has those things and so much more. Life has ups, life has downs. Life brings challenges, successes and total failures. Life is not always rosy, but sometimes, life is splendid, glorious and downright spectacular. I feel endlessly lucky for each day that I get to take on – endlessly lucky to experience LIFE. 

Moved by the meaning behind this small word on that small necklace, I decided to make it my 21st birthday present to myself. After all, we only LIVE once, right? Since that day, nearly a decade ago, I’ve worn the necklace every single day, taking it off only on very rare occasions. You could say it’s my lucky charm. 

Have I had bad days in the past decade? Have I fallen short of goals? Burnt my dinner? Spilled my coffee? You bet I have. But I’m lucky enough to be here, trekking through life’s ups and downs. No, it’s not easy to feel lucky when you miss the train, stub your toe or when you lose someone you love. But we’re all truly lucky to have been given this life, and it’s up to us to make of it what we will.

With St. Patty’s Day upon us, ‘tis the season for leprechauns, bagpipes, green beer (in moderation, of course), and a bit of luck! LIFE is my lucky charm. What’s yours? #MyLuckyCharms


 Wilk Kristen H2 CroppedKristen Wilk, MS, RDN

Hi! My name is Kristen, and I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist. I’m a contributor to Womensforum, and I also work for Pre Brands. In this and former roles, I’ve worked with a variety of food and beverage companies. Thoughts and opinions presented here are my own.


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