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texting-code-wordsAs mothers we obsess about the safety of our kids. Since birth, we have placed them into empty cribs, buckled them into their car seats, and held their hand before they crossed the street. But before we know it, they are getting bigger and letting go of our grip as they are quickly on their way to the tween and teen years. They jump at any chance of independence and activity outside the safety of home—which generally begins with them reaching for a cell phone. Luckily for them but scarily for us, communicating via text messaging offers this newfound freedom at their fingertips.

Texting Code Words Developed by Kids

As we all know our kids have certainly made the most of this communication. Now they can have an entire conversation right in front of our faces without making a peep (except of course for those oh so familiar cell phone indicators that let everyone know that there is a message coming in or going out). And thanks to clever text message codes created by our kids and those fast thumb typers before them, a majority of the time we cannot decipher and have no clue what is actually being said. That’s not good. In fact, there are even codes to type in for when parents are lurking or just entering a room so that any touchy topics we may be able to decode have gone covert until we’re out of the room or are no longer able to hear.

In this edition of The List, we inform all you worrisome Moms of the most prevalent (and yes some alarming) text messaging codes to look for—that way you can stay on top of your kid’s activity and understand just what it is you need to be asking them about or at least know when it’s time to ask. Take a look at The List: Texting Code Words below. Most are those that alert tweens that nosey parents are in the room. We’ve also included a few more recently created ones to be aware of that kids text or IM to each other in order to elicit sexual behaviors. We know this is a scary reality, but one you need to know about. Don’t throw out that cell phone to keep them in the dark, it’s not going to work. Instead know what they know. The List has you covered with information so you can still keep your babies safe, no matter if they left their cribs a decade ago.

The List : Texting Code Words

1.  AITR—This code means an adult or parent is in the room
2.  CD9—Code 9. Yes, kids have thought of a code identification system for when parents are around
3.  KPC—Keep Parents Clueless
4.  MOS – Mom over shoulder
5.  POS – Parent over shoulder
6.  PAW – Parents are watching
7.  P911 – Parent emergency alert
8.  PAL or PRL – Parents/adults are listening
9. PIR – Parent in room
10. LH6—Let's have sex
11. GNOC—Get Naked On Camera, i.e. in front of a web cam.
12. NIFOC—Nude In Front of Camera

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