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There's nothing we love more than getting to know our influencers, so we're thrilled to introduce you to Lindsay, the creative blogger behind the most fabulous tea party on the internet, . She recently shared how she lives, loves, and inspires with the Women's Forum team. Read on... 

How did you get into blogging?

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 10.00.41 AMI began blogging in the Fall of 2010. As a PR person by day, blogging was a way for I could release my creative writing in a personal way. I spend most of my days writing on behalf of companies, products and brands. My blog continued to grow as my family grew also with features and articles that appeal most often to women and families.

What are your goals for Lindsay’s Tea Party?

My goal for Lindsay's Tea Party is to connect with my readers in a way that uplifts, inspires and reminds them of the tribe we are all in together as Mother's. LTP is what I consider a metaphor of my life, my family and our daily activities (my tea party). I am passionate about carving out moments in time to sit back, sip on a hot cuppa and fellowship with friends and loved ones. These memories are the crown jewels of life!

Who are some of your favorite fellow bloggers? Who or what inspires you outside of the internet?

I love following sites that make me laugh. Life can be wonderful, horrible and amazing all in the same day. Lately, a site called Scary Mommy has been featuring various bloggers that capture the essence of the daily grind in a comedic way. One of my favorite author's is Rachel Macy Stafford, she wrote the best seller, Hands Free Mama, and a series of other books on stepping back from all of life's distractions and regaining your ability to be an active participant in your family and life overall. Love.every.word! Love the new show, "This is Us", I am addicted. I cry nearly every episode. It's that good.

Who would you invite to your ultimate tea party?

I would love to have afternoon tea with Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess, Kate!

You write about travel a lot, so what's your dream trip? Which destination(s), where do you stay, what do you do, etc. Assume money is no object.

I love to travel. My family goes everywhere I do. We love tropical islands, Grand Cayman, Aruba, Maui, St. Thomas, St. John, to name a few. Europe is a favorite spot of mine. Headed to England this Summer to soak in some authentic British afternoon tea with my daughter's. I think we are most looking forward to afternoon tea at Harrod's after we get some shopping in!

What are some of your favorite things (think Oprah style) - food, fashion, home decor, etc. All the little things that make your day better!

1488881 605736652847882 897900502 nLindsay's Favorite Things!

Favorite Drink: Raspberry New York Selzter

Favorite Food: Any fresh Italian pasta with homemade Alfredo sauce

Favorite Home Decor: Just about everything at Homegoods :)

Favorite Hand Scrub: BonBlissity Candy

Favorite Tea Cup: Royal Albert line by Miranda Kerr

What’s your personal motto (if you have one)?

Tomorrow is a new day! This goes both ways, if it's a rough day, it reminds you that tomorrow you get a fresh start, if it's a great day, it reminds you to keep the path, and forge ahead tomorrow while celebrating.

What’s your day job/what do you do in addition to blogging?

PR Practitioner by day, wife, mother to 3 children (girl, boy, girl), baseball mom, dance mom, soccer mom, and tea party fanatic.

Who’s your role model/which women do you find inspiring?

My Oma (grandmother) Helga Remy, was always an inspiration to me. She traveled here from Germany during the War to give her children a better life. She was a strong woman that always taught me that I can do anything I set my mind too. She had a love of books, and was always reading, it was contagious, her zest to learn more about the world around her.

Thank you Lindsay! You're definitely invited to our next tea party. 

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