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It's not everyday that the public is lucky enough to witness the genuinely hilarious camaraderie between two of Hollywood's leading ladies. Whether they're hosting the Golden Globes, slapping on a pair of mom jeans on 30 Rock, or writing and starring in their newest film Sisters, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are women to be reckoned with. In a new interview with Glamour Magazine, the BFFs tease their own relationship while providing some insight into what you can expect in theaters when seeing Sisters.

Parks and Rec's Poehler jokingly kicked off the article by asking herself how the two nurture a 20-year-long friendship. Fey chimed in, "We don't see each other very often."

Poehler confirmed, "That's right. It's like a good marriage. My mom always says it's very important to have people in your life who knew you when. The older you get, the more you treasure that idea of someone knowing your family and where you came from, and being around during these times and these times. Tina and I, we don't have any sisters. So we've rented them."

"We found sisters," joked Fey.

The former Liz Lemon was the next to pick a question from the Glamour audience, which was: "Can you describe what working with your best friend is like?"

"Very easy. Very, very easy," shared Poehler. "There's usually this moment at the beginning of a film when you have to go out for dinner and talk to the other person and be like, 'How do you like to work?'"

Fey added, "Yeah, and sometimes that goes on for weeks."

Oh, and remember way-back-when when Fey, Poehler, Maya Rudolph and Rachel Dratch took part in the famed SNL skit, "Mom Jeans"? Well, hold on for a little longer, because the duo say that a sequel to that skit could be in the works… something like "Granny Panties for Him."


Photo Credit: NBC

Fey disclosed, "If you were to do a commercial similar to 'Mom Jeans' now, what would it be? Well, granny panties are back. Maybe one called, like, 'Granny Panties for Him,' and it's a man wearing really high granny panties? Granny Panties Pour Homme!"

You just really can't put anything past these two. 

Photo Credit: Splash

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