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tiny_teeny_boppersI’m not sure what happened to my five and seven-year old girls over the last several months. They’ve gone from wanting to hold my hand as we walk into school, to needing their space. They’ve gone from listening to children’s music like Dan Zanes, to listening to pop music like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. They’ve gone from wanting my suggestion on what to wear, to wanting it so that they can pick the opposite.

What happened? They’re still so little. I’m not ready for them to grow up. A couple of weeks ago my parents were visiting and my five-year old, Maddie told my mother and me that she wanted to do a show for us in her bedroom. Maddie proceeded to turn on her CD player, turn up the volume, and use the remote to quickly flip through the songs until she found the one she was looking for.

She danced around and had moves that I couldn’t do if my life depended on it. She wiggled and moved her hips to the beat. The next thing I knew she had climbed onto her canopy bed (i.e. her princess bed) to dance. Then she started dancing around the pole supporting the canopy, slid down, and danced around it some more until the music ended. Our jaws dropped as my mother and I looked at each.

Huh? Where the $%^@ did she learn that? I asked her what she was doing. Maddie paused for a second, looked at her princess/canopy bed, and said it was “the pole dance.” Mom, I swear she didn’t learn any of this from me.

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talks about the challenges I faced while running Zoe Foods for 10 years, and my current search for a new career that will also allow me the time to focus on being a mom to two little girls, a wife, a friend, and a daughter. I am trying to create more balance in my life, knowing now that balance among career, family, and self occurs over one’s lifetime rather than in each day. Please join me on my journey and share your own experiences.

Keep dreaming, keep believing, keep achieving.

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