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You can never be too careful when it comes to your little ones. Before you even bring them home from the hospital you should start baby proofing your home and adding more safety measures since as they age, they’ll become more curious. Here’s a simple how-to guide for each area of your home so you can be sure you don’t forget anything.

But first, make sure you're extra prepared by registering for anything you might need before you bring home your bundle of joy!


You obviously know the kitchen is a hazardous place since you have a stove and oven that get dangerously hot and kitchen knives right on the counter. But you should also use caution when your child is using their highchair and make sure that they are strapped in.

Keep the handles of your pots and pans faced away from you, just in case your child is tall enough to bump into them or grab them and try to utilize the back burners more. Put on stove knob covers so they can’t turn on the stove. Since you probably keep chemicals under the sink, invest in some locks for the cabinets for sure.


Bath time is supposed to be fun so make sure it’s not dangerous by having the temperature of the water just warm, not hot and always keep your eyes and hands on the baby.

Keep your baby's head away from the faucet so they can’t bump their head and since they are slippery coming out of the tub, make sure your hands are dry so you can get a better grip. Also, when they start crawling, walking and opening up cabinets, keep items like pills and razors out of reach! Install a toilet lock so they can’t get inside the toilet.

The Nursery

Suffocation is a leading cause of death for infants so it’s so important to pay attention to what’s going into your baby’s crib. Stuffed animals and fluffy pillows look cute in there, but all you need in the bed is a fitted crib sheet. That’s it! Mount baby monitors onto the wall or keep away from the baby’s reach.

Living Room

You may not even think about it but TVs tipping over onto babies can happen! So mount yours to the wall or keep it on an entertainment center they can’t reach. Same goes for oversize furniture like bookcases. Think about your coffee tables too. Low ones can cause a dangerous hazard since kids can bump into them. If it’s a squared table, invest in soft corner guards. Surround the fireplace with a gate or screen.


Same thing as your living room, be careful with TVs tipping, bookcases and dressers. Put soft corner guards on everything you can and put things like perfume or pills out of reach.

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