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If you're planning on throwing a party, it seems like a great idea...at first. Scrolling through Pinterest can give you ideas of grandeur when it comes to decor and recipes...and then reality sets in. How exactly are you going to pull this off? Womensforum talked to Tiffani Thiessen, host of Dinner at Tiffani's on the Cooking Channel, about her tips for pulling off the perfect party. 

Keep the Party Small

Dinner at Tiffani's is all about Thiessen's dinner parties that she throws for friends she's met through the entertainment business. With her busy schedule, she likes to host intimate parties as a way to catch up with old friends. You might not have celebrities attending your parties, but you do want to connect with the people who are coming overafter all, that's why you invited them! Keep your guest list on the small side so you know you can have a chance to converse with everyone.

Don't Add Too Much 

You want the party to be spectacular, but the more things you add (decorations, food, games, whatever) the more work you have to do beforehand. "Don't overdo it," says Thiessen, "because then you're just going to give yourself anxiety and you're not going to be able to pull it off." So find a few key things you want to include in the party and focus on those.

Create a Priority List

Continuing from tip No. 2, list out the things that are important to include in the party. In terms of food, that might mean limiting appetizers to something simple like chips and dip so you can focus your attention on signature cocktails or an extravagant dessert. If you'd love to decorate your place with a theme, stick to a couple of key areas to deck out like the table and front entryway to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Make a Timeline

Thiessen says that her biggest tip for a stress-free party is to put together a timeline of the preparations, beginning with grocery shopping and going all the way to when your guests will arrive at your house. "Having a bit of a timeline really kind of eases yourself into making sure you have every step taken care of without having to rush," Thiessen explains.

Draw Inspiration From Everywhere

If you're looking for ideas for your party, don't limit yourself to magazines and the internet. "I generally get inspired by cookbooks, I get inspired by Pinterest, I get inspired by a new wallpaper that I want to put up in my bedroom," says Thiessen. "There are so many ways to get inspired, it's really just keeping your eyes open and taking in the surroundings you're in." Similarly, don't wait for a reasonlike a major holiday or life eventto throw a party! If you see something you think is fun, like a new movie, a book you're reading, or even an interesting wallpaper, create a fun girls night inspired by it. 

Watch our interview with Tiffani Thiessen:

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