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Not drinking beer may be a major party foul to some, but for others, it's a gold mine.

After a wild night, you may come across some unfinished beer cans or red solo cups with remnants of that golden brew. Don't toss it! Among some of the ways to use the flat party remains is - get this - shampoo! That's right ladies.

The rich protein and vitamin B found in beer can give your hair a little extra "oomph." So hop into the shower with the hoppy beverage and give your hair a beer shower. We all did this in college sort of, right? 

For another hygienic use of leftover beer, mix it with egg whites, almond oil extract and yogurt to make yourself a face mask. The hops in beer reportedly act as a natural astringent and are believed to reduce the skin's pH levels and softness.



You can even try lathering your feet in the fermented beverage mixed with some hot water to give yourself a sensational spa-like foot bath to soften up tough skin.

For the foodies looking to recycle their old beer in a culinary fashion, try adding it to your barbecue sauce or marinating your meats in it for an extra flavor boost.

Bonus: Beer reportedly reduces carcinogens when cooking meat on the grill, making for a healthier barbecue, according to the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry!

So before you dump the warm drudges from those half-drank beer bottles, reuse and recycle for benefits to your body!

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