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    In the beauty and fashion world, the saying "History tends to repeat itself," has been proven to be exceptionally true. From 1970's sky-high platforms to the 1990's choker necklace; we have uncovered the top trends from the past century that have crept their way back onto the runway and into our closets. Check out history's trends that we just can't believe have become even more popular in the fashion world today.

  • Choker Necklace

    Choker Necklace

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    The choker is back and gaining popularity in the blink of an eye. From jean shorts to a red carpet dress, this small little accessory creates an edgy look to every outfit. From 90's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Kendall Jenner, this accessory looks better than ever. 

  • High-Waisted Jeans

    High-Waisted Jeans

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    These 70's inspired jeans take a twist on your ordinary outfit. Pair with a shirt neatly tucked in for a flattering and sophisticated look for a night on the town or simply about and about. Although Kim Kardashian does an exceptional job at making just about anything look good, this is one trend that has become quite the crowd favorite. 

  • Crop Top

    Crop Top

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    The crop top is surely back into style, but don't panic. When most think of wearing a crop top they envision their entire stomach visible (not the most flattering look in the world.) But, for today's trends, pairing a crop top with a pair of high-waisted shorts, skirt, or jeans creates a look that shows just a small section of your upper-midriff. This part of the body happens to always stay slimmer, creating an illusion of a toned and refined look. 

  • Scrunchie


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    The old-time phenomenon is hitting today's fashion world in a big way. With famous designers such as Marc Jacobs working these accessories into their own collections, this is one addition that is necessary to add into your wardrobe. From the Full House cast years ago, to J.LO killing the scrunchie game, this is one throwback that is a fun and flirty addition to any outfit.

  • Flare Pants

    Flare Pants

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    This 70's craze has made a comeback to bless the fashion world today. These unique trousers have been known to look extremely flattering paired with wedges or a tucked in shirt. Kendall Jenner does an exceptional job resembling a Bohemian goddess in her trendy ensemble. 

  • Plum Colored Lipstick

    Plum Colored Lipstick

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    We couldn't be happier to see this shade of lip coming back into style. This rich color creates a sophisticated look and sits beautifully upon every skin tone. Cindy Crawford kills this shade back then and Selena Gomez carries it out just as gorgeously now. 

  • Denim


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    We all remember the famous all-denim outfits that Britney and JT rocked way back in the day. Since then, we all thought this ensemble has been surely buried alive. But, in the past few years, it seems to have unbelievably started to spring back to life. Between these three, we can't decide who pulls this peculiar combo off better.



  • Matching Sets

    Matching Sets

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    This new wave of matching tops and bottoms have arrived, from skirts to pants, cropped tops or long tops, these sophisticated and sleek interactions serve as the perfect addition to your closet or alternative to a suit. This is one matchy-matchy look that originated from the 70's that has ditched the plaid and undoubtedly looked better with time.


  • Round Sunglasses

    Round Sunglasses

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    These sunglasses are the definition of high fashion and one of the hottest trends of today's time. These are ideal for vacations, beach parties, or around town for a laid back, yet trendy look. Meg Ryan did a phenomenal job rocking these back then, and Ashley Olsen continues to carry on this fun trend.


  • Neck Tie Blouse

    Neck Tie Blouse

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    The 70's are truly making a comeback with one of its biggest trends storming the fashion world today. The neck tie blouse paired with your favorite pair of jeans or skirt makes for a captivating and sophisticated wardrobe. Today, you can buy the blouses with the tie already attached; or if you are looking for a really bold look, pick up a colorful or floral neck tie for a striking combination.


  • Fur Vest

    Fur Vest

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    This is one trend that has shown no signs of slowing down. Whether real or faux, this trend infuses over the top allure with casual staples. Cindy Crawford looks fabulous in this number. To copy this stylish look, wear your vest with a flowing blouse and pair of jeans.


  • Sky-High Platforms

    Sky-High Platforms

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    The high-style shoe seems to reappear within each generation as time goes on. In the 1970's when disco hit, these shoes soared in popularity paired with the bell-bottom trend. Today, this trend is popular amongst women's fashion paired with a dress for an eye-catching look around town.


  • Shoulder Pads

    Shoulder Pads

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    This is one flashback from the 80's that might be scaring if you don't know how to wear them properly. Since shoulder pads are a main focal point to any outfit, make sure to keep the rest of your attire simple and chic. We do admit, Victoria Beckham, you can make anything look fabulous.


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