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unlikely-survival-in-breast-cancer-headerExplaining unexpected positive outcomes in breast cancer. 

When thinking about unlikely survival in breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, the term spontaneous remission comes to mind.  Spontaneous remission is the unexplained absence of cancer where it had once been detected. With unexplained remission, there is no medicinal reason that the cancer up and disappeared. These instances, are few and far between, but the fact is, they do exist.

Spontaneous Remission: is It Possible?

There are many findings where people feel they have cured their cancer with holistic or spiritual healing.  With spiritual healing, the theory is that the cancer or tumor is actually the body holding onto something from the past that is very emotional. The healing, it is believed, comes from the person expressing the emotions and letting go of whatever grievance they are holding on to. As they let go of the past, the tumor actually shrinks and simply goes away.

The holistic theory commonly involves the person afflicted with cancer realizing their potential on earth. It's believed that once a person comes into this full communion with her body, the body has the capabilities to heal itself. As a matter of fact, most holistic healers find cancer patient's tumors begin to get smaller within hours of when they start treatment.

Many people will roll their eyes at the idea of spiritual or holistic healing. However, medical science is becoming more and more interested in using these alternative methods as supplements to traditional treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Ultimately, anything that makes a patient feel better is a good treatment. A person who is experiencing less stress has an improved ability to heal and recover. While there is little scientific evidence that alternative cancer treatments are effective, they certainly can't hurt if used in addition to medical services.

There are actual cases of spontaneous breast cancer remission that have been documented as far back as 1976. One study was done over a course of twenty-five years and involved twelve breast cancer patients that survived without any medicinal support. These cases are scientificallly documented and, although rare, indicate that it's possible to recover from breast cancer with no adequate or conventional medical care. Spontaneous regression, it should be pointed out, does not always mean that the cancer victim is permanently cured. There is always the possibility that the victim will come out of regression and the cancer will become active once again.

Although spontaneous regression with breast cancer is a rare phenomenon, it truly does occur in certain cases. In cases of unlikely survival in breast cancer, there is a lot to be said for holistic healing. Naturally healing, in some cases, may be the only hope left, and sometimes all a person really needs to survive is hope.

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