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  • The Adventurer

    The Adventurer

    2015 Jeep Renegade

    Prices starting at $17,995

    Whether it's a spontaneous road trip down the coastline, a mountain hike that takes you to new heights or an ice fishing trip in the middle of a frozen lake, you need a car that can take you anywhere.  With four-wheel drive and a turbocharged four-wheel engine, this compact SUV can take you practically anywhere. 

  • The Mom On The Go

    The Mom On The Go

    2015 Honda CR-V 

    Prices starting at: $23,445 

    Roomy, functional and safe, this small SUV is the perfect transport between playdates, practices and daily errands. Plus, the info-tainment system will keep the most unruly backseat passengers entertained. 

  • The Fashionista

    The Fashionista

    2015 Audi R8 Spyder Convertible 

    Prices starting at: $129,400

    When your outfit is on point, you'll need a car that looks just as good as you do. Plus on days you're especially feeling your look, you can open up the convertiable roof so that everyone else can admire it too.    

  • The Weekender

    The Weekender

    2015 BMW M235i Coupe

    Prices start at $43,100

    When you spend you work week on the crowded trains and smelly buses of public transit, you want your weekend ride to be one thing- fun. Well two things, fast and fun. And there's no car better than the BMW M235i Coupe for hitting the open road. 

  • The Free Spirit

    The Free Spirit

    2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid

    Prices starting at $26,790

    Be it trips to the farmer's market or your favorite local artist's gallery, you need a car that moves as freely through the world as you do. This hybrid sedan will leave a big footprint on your heart and small carbon footprint on the earth. 

  • The Rockstar

    The Rockstar

    2015 Jaguar XF 2.0T Premium

    Prices starting at $50,175

    If you're looking for a car that you can belt out some Mariah Carey classics in, this is it. The awesome audio system will have you feel like you're in the middle of Madison Square Garden while you're actually in the middle of traffic. 

  • The Country Girl

    The Country Girl

    2015 Ford F-150

    Prices starting at $25,420

    As we all know, with a good pair of boots and a good truck, a country girl can do just about anything. You'll have to find your own boots, but we've already found you the perfect truck. For the most pleasurable driving experience, we recommending driving the F-150 down dirt roads while blasting some old school Shania Twain from the sound system. 

  • The CEO

    The CEO

    2015 Audi A6

    Prices start at $43,599

    You may not actually be the CEO just yet, but you're on your way and your ride should reflect that. Luxurious but still practical for your drive to the office, the Audi A6 is the perfect ride for any soon-to-be mogul. 

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