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what-is-gluten-asap-science-video-explains-headerGluten this, gluten that. We hear the word “gluten” all the time but what is it really?

Gluten-free diets, gluten-free foods and gluten intolerances. We hear the word “gluten” all the time but do any of us really know what gluten is? The gluten-free trend is bigger than ever and even more people keep jumping on board. ASAP Science created a quick video to give us a lesson on what it is. Check out Gluten 101! You might be surprised on what you see. 

What is Gluten Really?

"Simply put, gluten is a combination of two proteins found primarily in wheat and related grains, like barley and rye. That's it. It's just protein," says the narrator in the video.

It’s neither bad for your health nor good. It doesn’t actually affect anything. And cutting it out doesn’t actually provide any health benefits, unless you have Celiac Disease. Those with Celiac or an intolerance become sick and experience bloating, diarrhea and other side effects.

So, for people with intolerances, cutting out gluten is essential but if you don’t have any intolerance to gluten, it really doesn’t do anything! 

If you plan to partake in this “fad” diet, this video is a must-watch! You might be surprised. 

Photo Credit: YouTube

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