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聖剣のセシリア 攻略

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Salads! They are a staple when it comes to getting through summer or fall feeling fresh and full. Thanks to the amazing trend of throwing anything and everything in a bowl with leafy greens we have salads for all occasions and all types of people. 

Now, there is no one salad that fits everyone's tastes and personalities, but there is probably one that comes pretty close to your signature style. Are you the sassy and outgoing girl who can't seem to stop talking or are you the down-to-earth girl who's all about "keeping it real"? 

Find out what kind of salad girl you are and what that says about you. 

Check out Womensforum's Salad Personality Picker by clicking on the picture that fits your personality best - or give them all a shot and see what happens!

The Modern Classic Gal


Do you appreciate a good classic book? Can you effortlessly weave in timeless pieces and more edgy looks into your wardrobe? 

Click the photo to see what salad fits your personality as well as a complete shopping guide based on your classic and chic style, a playlist you'll want to listen to again and again, your celebrity twin and a must-try shopping Instagram app to download now! 

The World Traveler


Do you have a major case of wanderlust and spend your days dreaming of visiting far away places? Are you the girl who looks down her nose at "basic" flavors? 

Click the photo to see what salad fits your personality, a worldly playlist of travel tunes, major inspiration for your trademark boho-chic style and the travel app you need to check out before your next adventure! 

The Sassy Outgoing Femme Fatale


Do your friends think you're the sassy one in the group? Do you like doing your own thing and rocking unique statement pieces that no one else is wearing? 

Click the photo to see what salad fits your personality, the cute and quirky accessories you should be buying, an indie playlist to keep you jamming all day and all night long, and the book that will become your favorite read! 


The Down To Earth Chick


Are you a down to earth gal who doesn't waste time beating around the bush and appreciates comfort in all forms (including the comfort of a carb-filled tummy)? 

Click to the pic see what kind of a salad fits your personality, a comfy but cute outfit and accessories guide, a girl power playlist, the hilarious memoir that should be on your reading list, and a fun app to keep you in check during your nights on the town! 

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