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what-to-look-for-in-a-babysitter-headerAre you entrusting someone to take care of your children while you aren’t home? Here are tips for finding the best babysitter.  

Your children are the most precious people in your life. But, mommy and daddy need to go out on a date once in awhile, so make sure you choose the best babysitter for your kids. How can you be sure you're picking the best babysitter? What do you look for in a babysitter? Remember these tips when looking for a caregiver, and go and enjoy your romantic date with hubby without having to worry about the kids! 

what-to-look-for-in-a-babysitter-middleWhat Makes a Great Babysitter? 

Now that you have decided you are ready to find a babysitter, you can start asking your friends and family if they have any recommendations, looking at a reliable babysitting website, and then beginning the interview process. You may want to consider seeing if you have any neighbors with teenagers who have babysitting experience. 

The Interview Process 

  • Make sure you interview multiple people before making a decision.
  • Ask yourself what your gut feeling is about them. Our gut feelings are always accurate when it comes to our babies. 
  • Let them meet your kids. If they get along well with you, awesome, but your kids are the ones who will be with them most of the time. See how they interact and get your kids’ opinions on if they like them.
  • Always ask about their first aid experience. 
  • Get their references and call. 
  • Pay attention to how courteous and serious they are about the interview. If they arrive 30 minutes late, that is a key sign that they aren't invested. 

Signs of a Good Babysitter 

  • Someone who interacts with your kids. Instead of letting them watch TV and going to text their friends, your babysitter goes outside to play with your kids and creates fun arts and crafts projects to do with them.
  • They have the same standards as you. He/she must be able to follow your rules of discipline or dedication to homework.  
  • Excited to be there. They should be happy about babysitting! 
  • Positive role model. They should be setting a good example for your kids. 
  • Experience. They know what they're doing, especially if you have an infant. 
  • Cleans and leaves your house the way it was when they got there. Kids can get messy. If he/she cleans up after cooking or playtime, they're golden. 
  • Going above and beyond. If they offer to do things, like running errands or doing laundry, that is a great sign. 
  • Check up. If it’s the first time you have let them watch your kids, it’s okay to call a few hours later to see how it’s going. If they don’t get offended and give you all the reassurance you need, your kids are in good hands. 
  • The dog likes them. I’m serious! Dogs have an amazing judge of character and they will let you if you have chosen the best babysitter. 

Use these tips for what to look for in a babysitter, because when it comes to your kids, you should be picky! 



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