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travel-to-berlin-in-2015-headerBerlin offers a unique approach to history. The new, modernized buildings are intertwined with fascinating remnants of history that keep you on your toes the whole trip. It is a big city, and there are endless things to do.

If you’re limited to only a few days, here are some must-sees!

Top Things to Do in BerlinBerlin Berlin Wall

First of all, I highly recommend doing a hop-on-hop-off bus tour in Berlin. I found the German language made it hard to get around walking. Plus, the city is pretty big to just be wandering around. The bus drops you off at all the big tourist destinations, so it’s totally worth it.

TV Tower: You can’t miss it. It’s easily seen anywhere you are standing in Berlin. You can take an elevator to the top and get the whole view of the city. While I must say the view isn’t as outstanding as it is in say Chicago where I'm from, it’s still very cool to see. Plus, there’s a nice café at the bottom where you can map out the next destination of your day and enjoy a cold beer.

The Brandenburg Gate: The Brandenburg Gate is a staple in Berlin. It marks a significant part of German, and European, history. You can't leave Berlin without seeing it. While you're in that vicinity, snap of photo in front of the Hotel Adlon. Does it ring a bell? It's the hotel where Michael Jackson held his baby over the balcony. 

Checkpoint Charlie: Checkpoint Charlie was the crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. At this spot in Berlin, you’ll find replica signs and guards that make you feel like you’re experiencing real history. Definitely pay a visit to the Mauermuseum, it has a ton of artifacts which demonstrate America’s role in German history. 

East Side Gallery: If you’re a big fan of art, or history (which you should be if you’re in Berlin!), you absolutely should spend some time strolling the East Side Gallery. Referencing the East Side Gallery, Timeout.com describes the East Side Gallery as a place where "over 100 artists from all over the world painted images on the Wall in the wake of its declassification, and in a city bursting with graffiti, this stretch is an oddity, being officially sanctioned."

Berlin is a city bursting with a unique culture. These are just a few to-dos in a city with a million tourist destinations. Even if you find yourself wandering aimlessly, you’re due to stumble upon some type of unique history, or intriguing way of life.

Don’t forget to get a cold beer, after all, you ARE in Germany! Prost!

Berlin Beer

Photo Credit: Monica Kucera

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