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Here's some bad news for women who are the sole breadwinners in their families - a new study shows that your husband is more likely to cheat. 

The study, which was published in the June issue of the American Sociological Review, surveyed more than 2,750 married subjects and found that men who are completely financially dependent on their wives are most at risk for cheating.

Why? The author of the study Christin Munsch suggests this behavior is a direct reflection of reasserting masculinity and acting on resentment. 

In an interview with CNN, the assistant professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut said, “I think it has to do with our cultural notions of what it means to be a man and what … the social expectations are for masculinity." 

She added, "Infidelity allows men undergoing a masculinity threat - that is not being primary breadwinners - to distance themselves from, and perhaps punish, their high-earning spouses."

Interestingly enough, women who are the breadwinners are least likely to cheat.

In 2013, a report from the Pew Research Center showed than an increasing amount of women are taking on the role of sole breadwinner. In four out of 10 households with children, women are the primary breadwinners. 

Yet, despite this growing number, it seems like the social norms haven't changed much.

“That is shocking to me that in 2015, in the face of so many women being so incredibly successful … the fact that these young men have grown up in this ‘post-feminist era’ still feel that it’s that important to be a breadwinner really, I think, speaks to how strong this norm is,” Munsch said. 

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