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will-you-prom-with-mePicture this. A car filled with balloons, friends ready to take pictures, rose petals leading to a boy in a suit, watching as a girl approaches. He gets down on one knee, and asks her the question he's been waiting all day to ask her: "Will you go to prom with me?"

Sounds kind of like a wedding proposal, right?

Well that's the point, since the trending "Promposal" has become a hit amongst high schoolers around the nation. Instead of a phone call, or simply asking a friend, students are under high pressure to ask others to prom. Their elaborate efforts have become a public ceremony with large signs, flash mobs, and even actors from around town. 

However, the idea of a "promposal" can go sour in two directions. First, many girls can pine for their own promposal. They wait for someone to ask them to prom in an elaborate fashion, and then getting disappointed when no one comes through.

The other direction is being under the pressure of a promposal, not having the courage to say no after the huge romantic gesture.

To solve this problem, some boys will tell their dates beforehand that they plan on asking them in public, and simply use the promposal to gather attention from their peers. This helps to avoid the pressure, and the outcome will always be a positive one if you already know she will say yes.

Now that we're in prom season, high schoolers are starting to feel that pressure to couple-up before the big day. For some, they hope their promposal is right around the corner. 

Curious what a promposal looks like? Well, there is a Twitter account for them - @ThePromposal. 

And there's always this famous one for Miley Cyrus...



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