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ayoga_pantComfortable Yoga Clothing for Women

For women who practice yoga on a regular basis, one of the first things they look for is a pair of women’s yoga pants that fit well and allow them to move.  While many sports and recreational activities have their own special style of clothing, few are as comfortable as yoga clothes for women.  Whether you are new to yoga and buying your first pair of yoga pants, or you have been at it for years, here are some considerations when shopping for comfortable yoga clothing for women.

Yoga Pants for Women

There are several features available when you are shopping for women’s yoga pants, so it might take trying on several styles and sizes to find the perfect pair of yoga pants for your body.  One consideration is the fabric that the pant is made of.  Most commonly you will find cotton or a cotton and lycra blend.  Many women prefer the styles made with the cotton and lycra blend, as it gives the pants an ability to hold their shape better, while also helping to hold the wearer’s shape in a bit.

Another consideration is the waistline of the yoga pant.  There are actually two pieces to the waistline feature.  The first is how high the waist sits on your body.  You can find women’s yoga pants that sit anywhere from below your hip bones to above your belly button.  The second is whether the pants have an elastic waist, a drawstring, a wide banded waist, or a fold over waist.  The height and style of waistline that works for you is purely a personal preference when selecting your yoga clothing.  It might take trying a few styles to find the one you like best for your yoga practice wardrobe.

So, besides fabric and waistline, other options include the leg cut of the yoga pants.  Just as you have to decide what cut you want with your jeans, you now have similar options when selecting a pair of pants for yoga.  You can get straight leg pants, or the highly popular boot leg yoga pant that flares out from the knee down.  And once you decide on the cut, you also have options on pant length.  You can get women’s yoga pants in full length, cropped length, capri or knee length.  There are even yoga shorts for women who practice hot yoga, or just prefer shorts.

Choosing the Right Yoga Exercise Clothes

While trying on the various styles of yoga clothes for women, be sure that you select items that are comfortable, and not too tight.  With the variety of movements, bends, and twists that you put your body through while achieving the various poses in your yoga practice, you don’t want your clothing to be restrictive.

With the enormous gain in the popularity of yoga over the past few years, you will find it much easier to find yoga clothes for women in styles and sizes to fit most any body shape.  You can now find petite yoga pants if you are short, and there are now options available for women who are taller than average as well.  With a little time spent trying on various styles, you will be able to find the perfect women’s yoga pants for your needs.

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