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We’ve all had them. You wake up the morning after and it’s like a scene from the Hangover. Your mind is momentarily blank until slowly it all starts filtering in. You remember that cringe-worthy unintelligible call to your ex, roaming the bar trying to find your friends all night…

drunk-textPhoto Credit: Tumblr

And that’s when you realize with a horrible sinking feeling that you have no idea where your wallet is.

An app geared towards intoxicated users eliminates all excuse for having one of those nights ever again. All those times that The Hangover's Doug, Phil, Stu and Alan blacked out and forgot what they had done the night before? When they had to retrace their steps? Basically none of that would have happened if they’d had this app.

 myqkckwK8I1sgopr4o1 500Photo Credit: Tumblr

The app, aptly christened "Drunk Mode," has four features to help out intoxicated individuals.

The first, called "Find My Drunk," helps people find a drunk friend who might have wandered off.

The second, "Find A Ride," connects the user to nearby Lyfts and Ubers.

"Stop Drunk Dialing" is just what it sounds like – pre-selected s are hidden to prevent drunken texting.

The fourth feature, "Breadcrumbs," tracks your movements so it’s easy to retrace your steps the next day to find your wallet or whatever you might have left behind.

THO2Photo Credit: Tumblr

The founder of Drunk Mode, Joshua Anton, told E! Online that the idea for the app came after an ex-girlfriend drunk called him. After interviewing college students about the need for such an app, he created one that he believes would cover all the bases.

v0x2DduPhoto Credit: Tumblr

And it looks like a lot of people agree – half a million users have already downloaded the app. In addition to the anti-embarrassment aspects, the "Find My Drunk" feature could have important safety implications and help your friends keep track of each other during a night out. 

What do you think of Drunk Mode? Will you be downloading it?

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